Bible Class Handout

The Bible: God’s Picture Book that Doesn’t Use Pictures
Chapter 1: God uses names
Why do we use picture books?
Why did God reveal himself in his Word?
Think about this: Why would we call the Bible a “picture book”?
The Names of God:
1. Genesis 1:1; Job 37:22
This name indicates
_______________ and
2. Exodus 20:18-19
Agree or Disagree: The Israelites were right to fear God
Agree Disagree: We should be afraid of God
What does Psalm 18:46 add to the discussion?
What picture does God give us with this name?
1. Exodus 3:13-14
Who is the LORD? (See also Isaiah 44:6; Revelation 1:8)
2. Exodus 34:5-7
List all that is included in “LORD”:
Why were the Pharisees so mad with Jesus in John 8:58-59?
What confidence does this give you about your salvation?
What comfort can you share with others who are concerned about current events, based on God’s name?
How can knowing “I AM” help you talk to someone who is unsure about their salvation because they keep sinning?
What confidence do you have when you go to your God in prayer?
Further Reading:
Read through Genesis chapter 3 and note what names are used for God. What is unique about the use of those names?