Plan a Visit

First, know that we are happy to have you as our guest!  It is our goal as a WELS Lutheran Church to share God’s good news with you. We pray that your visit with us leaves you comforted by the message of God’s love for you, strengthened in your faith and encouraged to face the challenges of
daily life. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome.

Loving Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church is located on Clinton Avenue between Teutonia Avenue and 43rd Street on the northeast side of Milwaukee. We have a large parking lot to the north and east of our church building. Unlimited street parking is also available. Please see our Map link for more precise directions.

Loving Shepherd, is a confessional Lutheran church. We preserve the best of classic hymns while also blending contemporary accompaniment with some of our songs. On any given Sunday you may experience one of our many choirs or musical accompaniments with various other instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, violin, or percussion.

We follow a structured pattern of worship called a liturgy. The liturgy provides a confession of what we believe and allows visitors an opportunity to easily follow along with the order of worship. Our order of worship is printed in the bulletin each Sunday and can be found in the front pages of our hymnal. Ushers are always available to assist you with the order of worship. A typical church service lasts about one hour.

In our church setting, worship service and sermons, we reflect on the reverence and relevance of God's Good News by communicating the timeless truth of a God who loves us and loved us so much he sent His Son Jesus to restore his relationship with sinful man through his life and death.

Again we are happy to have you join us! Guided by our Lord’s words in Scripture, congregations of our Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) practice closed communion, celebrating communion with
those who have expressed their agreement with teachings of our church through membership. Before communing with us please talk with one of our pastors.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our church. Please feel free to sign our guest register after service. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact either of our pastors via email or after service. We look forward to seeing you at church!